Did you know that your brain is protected by hard bones which make up your skull? There is an opening in the bottom of your skull where your spinal cord attaches to your brain. The spinal cord is protected by bones called vertebrae. The different bones (vertebrae) of the spine are:

7 Cervicals (neck)
12 Thoracics or Dorsals (mid-back)
5 Lumbars (low back)
1 Sacrum (five fused vertebrae)
1 Coccyx (three or four fused vertebrae)

Vertebrae out of position often damage, stress, and pinch spinal nerves. We refer to this condition as subluxation. Subluxation leads to impaired normal function and loss of health.

Early detection of subluxation is vital. Your brain is continuously producing messages or electrical impulses which travel through your spinal cord, out your spinal nerves to all organs, tissues, and cells of your body. Subluxation interrupts or blocks this nerve energy flow causing imbalance, and interferes with your body’s healing ability.