Proper Nutrition and Chiropractic care together work toward prevention of chronic diseases including:

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis

A focus on the use of whole and therapeutic plants is an integrative approach to optimal wellness.

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Why Combine Botanicals & Nutrients?

  • Botanicals guide specific biochemical processes in the body to encourage optimal functioning of all organs and systems. Nutrients provide the body the raw materials it needs to support these processes.
  • A single herb or nutrient may lead to an improvement in symptoms, but the overall results often fall short of what can be achieved when one or more combination formulas are used.
  • Combination formulas offer enhanced effectiveness especially for the variety of complex issues clinicians are faced with today in their patients.  For more information or to apply for an account with Natura Health Products:

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INNATE CHOICE   The Science of Wellness Nutrition:

Natural Antibiotics to Help Your Body Stay Healthy

Your Immune System defends your body against illness and infection. You can help your body’s ability to stay healthy during the cold and flu season by consuming Natural Antibiotics: Organic: Garlic Raw Honey Cabbage Grapefruit Seed Extract Raw Apple Cider Vinnegar...